What to wear on a first date for Women?

What to wear, a question we ask ourselves every day but what to wear on the first date? An even bigger question we ask ourselves. They say how we dress on a first date is very important as a prospective partner will make a judgement about you within 5/7 seconds of meeting you. Not fair right?

We all know that first impressions count, whether it be for a job interview, a social event or a first date. We want to make a great first impression when it comes to how we look but also want to feel and look like ourselves.

I remember my first date, overthinking every outfit, looking online for something out of my comfort zone and not having a clue. Don’t get me wrong there are people out there who don’t overthink and can pull anything off, but if you are me or just want some tips keep reading.

When it comes to first date attire there is so much to think about, weather, location and what looks good on your body shape. So, if it’s casual evening drinks at a local bar, then I would go with semi-casual, jeans with a nice top and boots or mid heels. Footwear is key ladies, the last thing you want to look like is a penguin who can’t walk. For makeup, I would keep it neutral with a nice lip colour. Show your features off, guys want to see the real you, not the filtered Instagram version!

The best advice I could give is to ask for help, preferable from someone that you know who is going, to be honest. A key thing to remember when picking your outfit is to wear clothes that fit your body shape and make you feel happy.

Always make sure the way you look and feel is fabulous giving you confidence on your dating adventure. Once you have concurred this step, everything else becomes a smooth ride!