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Branch Out Social Terms and Conditions

This website page represents a legal document serving as the Terms and Conditions of Branch Out Social.

When booking a Speed Dating Event with Branch Out Social or registering your personal details on the website, you are consenting and registering acceptance of our Terms and Conditions and all other legal documents found on our website. You therefore agree you have the right, authority and capacity to abide by all of our Terms and Conditions.

Branch Out Social is not a matchmaking service. We offer events where single participants can meet other single participants in a comfortable and safe environment. Treat contact with other participants with the same precautions as you would when meeting new people elsewhere.

By registering for Branch Out Social, you warrant you are at least 18 years old and that you are single. We do not carry out ID or background checks before attending an event.

Branch Out Social does not guarantee you will match with another participant during our Speed Dating Events.

By purchasing a Branch Out Social event ticket and participating in an event, you agree that neither the company nor its staff is liable for direct or indirect damages that arise from participating in our events. Without limitation, this includes physical damage, emotional distress, and bodily injury. This includes anything that occurs as a result of communicating with other participants you meet at Branch Out Social events.

We take no responsibility for written or verbal content that could arise if members of the press are in attendance at a Branch Out Social event.

Tickets for Branch Out Social are non-refundable, and failure to attend will result in forfeiting your tickets. You are reminded to attend the booked event as per the schedule on your booking confirmation.

Event participants must arrive on time for the event. We do not take any responsibility for late attendees, and a refund will not be given.

The Event Host can expel a participant or refuse admission without a refund for any participant who becomes abusive or offensive during an event. If you leave the event once it’s begun, we reserve the right to refuse participation in the event.

Branch Out Social will not guarantee a specific number of attendees at each event. We cannot guarantee the split of male and female guests at the event or the age of attendees.

Attending a Branch Out Social Event

If you do need to cancel or change your booking, an email must be sent to Branch Out Social no later than seven days before the event start time. Requests sent following this time will not be entertained. Only one change per booking will be accommodated. When requesting a change, you can receive a credit to attend another event for the same value as your original booking with Branch Out Social.

Direct substitutions and name changes for a booking must be requested before 5 pm on the day of the event.

Our team will always endeavour to keep to the event schedule and specific venue. In some circumstances, the venue may be cancelled or changed any time up to the starting time of the event.

If an event participant does not receive a date match or friend match, they will be offered £5 off their next event. Only standard speed dating events are covered within this guarantee. Special events or discounted tickets aren’t included in the guarantee.

If we have to cancel a Branch Out Social event for any reason, a refund will not be issued. We will instead provide you with a credit worth the same amount, which can be redeemed against a standard Speed Dating Event on our website.

Before leaving for the event, please check your email and phone number are correct in case we are forced to cancel an event for circumstances beyond our control. You must supply at least one mobile phone or daytime telephone number when booking a Branch Out Social event.

The venues at which Branch Out Social holds events are independently run and owned. You agree not to hold Branch out Social and its team responsible for damages suffered during an event.

Any personal belongings you bring to the event are your own responsibility. Branch Out Social can’t take responsibility for the security or safety of anything you bring with you to an event.

Copyright and Reproduction Notices and Website Safety

Any material found on the Branch Out Social site is for general purpose only, and we make no warranty for the accuracy of the content or information.

Proprietary notices, including trademark notices and copyright information on the site, must be followed and observed by visitors.

All of the website content is copyright of Branch Out Social and should not be reproduced, used or transferred in any other way.

When accessing another website by a link found on the Branch Out Social site, you understand this site is independent of Branch Out Social. Branch Out Social does not endorse or approve the content in any way, and the company is not liable for any damage or loss that occurs after clicking the link.

Your Branch Out Social account is for your personal use only. You may not transfer your account to another person or authorise others to use your account details.

Legal Disclaimer

Branch Out Social and any of its associates do not operate a dating agency. We simply facilitate events and offer messaging systems to provide a safe and comfortable environment to meet people. (Treat contact with other participants with the same precautions as you would when meeting new people elsewhere)

We will not divulge your personal details or contact information to anyone unless it’s required by law. Participants agree that their contact details can be given to another participant if there is a friend/date match. We may use your details to let you know about upcoming events which may be of interest to you.

For more information or to discuss any of the Terms and Conditions stated above, feel free to contact the Branch Out Social team.

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