Why Branch Out Social is the best choice for speed dating.

Dating isn’t easy

Dating these days is hard, there are so many different factors that can affect who and how you date. That’s why speed dating events are a great option for anyone looking to meet new people and find like minded individuals in a safe and comfortable environment!

  • Dating Apps and Online Dating

We’ve all been there, dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble or Hinge (other dating apps are available) you get a match, (if you’re lucky) send a couple of messages and then get ghosted and that’s it… never to be seen again, rinse and repeat. Speed dating is different though, having multiple dates in one night, meeting in person and finding out whether you have that connection or not.

  • Meeting people

Meeting people these days can be difficult. Have you ever tried to meet someone in a bar or at social events? When was the last time you walked up to a stranger and just had a conversation? At times, It just doesn’t seem like the done thing anymore so if you can’t just walk up to someone, how are you going to get yourself out there? A lot of questions we know but all are valid.

Speed Dating is for everyone and anyone

Speed Dating Events used to be strange, not anymore! Our Team has experienced this first hand, knowing how Speed Dating can be great and how it can be done better! That’s one of the main reasons Branch Out Social was created. Helping you with dating tips and advice, dating help and how to be more confident in general. Our singles events aren’t going to be dropping you in the deep end and leaving you to it, with no idea how things work, our friendly, dedicated and experienced hosts are always on hand if needed, guiding you through the process of the event itself and always happy to help give advice.

Make Better Connections

Conversation Starters, Ice Breakers and prep talks at each event to give each participant the best possible experience and chance to find that special someone.

Our social events are putting customers first and at the forefront of everything we do, going above and beyond to help as many people as possible make better connections!

Here at Branch Out Social we’re trying to change the stigma around Speed Dating and social events in general to make it accessible to everyone and anyone, we’re starting small but have big plans for the future so make sure you keep an eye on what’s to come! The best way to do so is on our Instagram, you can find us @Branch_Out_Social